Anaheim Ducks 2011-12 preview

  • The Anaheim Ducks once again appear to have all the necessary pieces to compete with the NHL’s elite and bring a second Stanley Cup to the Golden State. But much of the team’s success will depend on Jonas Hiller’s battle with vertigo. Has the Swiss netminder put the inner-ear problem behind him?

    On this installment of the Puck Panel we explore this question and many more as we preview the Anaheim Ducks.

    Host Edward Fraser is joined by writer Ken Campbell and web editor Rory Boylen to discuss… Getting a healthy Hiller in the lineup… Why Teemu Selanne’s return is so important... The best line in hockey… And the Ducks numerous weapons on defense.

    PRODUCER: Ted Cooper
20110926 13:01:27
Video provided by The Hockey News